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I am getting the warning flag "input not supported" I have read several differn't scenarios from people that have gotten the same flag, however I have had two differn't things occur. a week ago I installed an online game Vampire The Mascarade. But after that our monitor went on the blink, So I replaced it with a acer monitor. The picture was horrible it looked totally stretched out and it didn't fit everything it actually jumped back and forth, I was told to set the resolution all the way to the left. That worked beautifully, However here I am 5 days later getting this flag. Is it the monitor, The game or the resolution that is the problem? Help! KayCee Cary
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  1. What kind of video card do you have? I suspect that it doesn't have anything to do with the monitor, but rather an issue with the video card. Whatever the brand is, go to the manufacturer's support site and update the driver. If that doesn't work, report back to us.
  2. Check the monitor specs for what it's native resolution is, and set the display resolution to that. Make sure the refresh rate is set to 60. If you set the resolution all the way to the left you are running it at the lowest display you can possibly run, unless you meant you moved the slider to the right.
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