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hi, well as you may of guessed, i'm looking for a new monitor, probably 27", but 'may' go for a smaller one if its far better to do so.

I currently have an Iiyama 22" CRT, which has served me faithfully for 5 years, and is still doing so. However, for the last few years I have had issues with brightness in games, things are way too dark, with settings at max. So I think its about time to upgrade, and use the Iiyama for my 2nd pc.

I have seen the Iiyama and wondered what you experts think? Any advice is appreciated.

Thats roughly the price range i'm thinking of by the way, but I could go a bit higher for the right product.

This is for gaming.
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  1. anyone? :)
  2. The monitor you are interest in purchasing uses a TN panel. If this is there first time you are using a LCD monitor, then coming from a CRT might be deemed as a culture change.

    See my recent short rely regarding TN vs. other panel types:


    I would go to a store and look at the available LCD monitors just to get an idea of what you will see on a typical TN panel monitor. View them from different angles. Nearly all LCD monitors sold in stores within the US are built around TN panels (I would say at least 95%).

    Here's a site about LCD technology:


    Here's a resource with plenty of reviews:

  3. thanks for this, OK, how do I know which monitor type is which? As nowhere do I see TN or any of the other technologies listed on the specs
  4. Also, I presume I should be looking for one with HDMI ?
  5. OK I have done some research now, and realise that TN panels do not give the best colours, but are generally faster, and can have viewing problems when viewed from an angle.

    However the price difference between this monitor and say, the Dell U2711, is huge, and beyond my limited means.

    So out of the TN panel monitor range, is this monitor a good one? Is its brightness capabilty sufficient and so on?

    Also I have read that I should be using the dvi output rather than the hdmi, as I will not be using monitor sound, is this correct?
  6. Ghosting on the IPS monitors is of great concern to me as well, as this monitor purchase is fo gaming.
  7. I really can't help you out with in choosing a TN panel monitor since I basically buy IPS panel monitors. I have bought one TN panel monitor though for limited usage, the Asus VK246H (same as the VW246H with webcam). It is actually a pretty good gaming monitor.

    Here's my review:

    Here's an official review:
  8. OK, just an update, I bought the IIyama 27" and i'm loving it. Great response times, I can play blur / BF BC2 / Split Second with zero lag, and the colours are amazing.

    Superb Monitor
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