Samsung or LG?

Im rather new here so not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but ill do it anyway :)

Im buying a new monitor and kinda stuck between two options:
Samsung P2770H
LG W2753V-PF Black 27"
Monitor meant for mostly gaming and watching TV.

Price difference is only couple of € but samsung is a bit harder to get (wait time).
Read the reviews on both and it seems as if LG's has more problems... And what made me seriously think about it is this review:
Cons: The BIG problem with this monitor--and it is a BIG problem, is its color reproduction. The monitor is NOT a true 16.7 million color screen. It dithers its colors extensively, thus faking the colors you see on the screen.

For a couple of weeks I could not figure out why the screen looked like it was displaying 16-bit color output despite Windows reporting it being in 32-bit mode. I have a great graphics card (260 GTX) so I knew this was not it. It was not until I loaded up a photo editor and zoomed in on some suspect areas of a picture to where I could clearly see the individual "pixel blocks" that I saw it - 80% of the pixel blocks were being dithered! There were checkerboard patterns and lines in them!

THAT did it for me. I had to take the monitor back at that point. I loved the response time for the screen, but the dithering of colors really bothered me. If I had to guess, the monitor is only able to display at most 250,000 or so colors and dithers the rest.

Other Thoughts: Run a greyscale test on the monitor if you don't believe me--it even dithers the greyscale. I was shocked once I figured it out but that did the monitor in. Too bad, because the sharpness and brightness is great. It is a good monitor for gaming though. Eventually though, if you are picky about image quality, this monitor _will_ bother you. The stand is also very weak. Just to be sure about the color I went to the store to test other LG 27 inch monitors, they all had this same problem with this model.

Is there any way to check if there is any truth to this review? And does it affect the display enough to be noticed?

Thank you in advance for any information :)
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  1. They both use TN panel technology so they both have the same issue. TN panels can only truly produce 256k colors. Using temporal dithering (flashing quickly between two colors), the types of panels can produce up to 16.7m colors. For the average consumer, this is not an issue. For applications that requires color accuracy like photo editing, then it can be a huge issue.

    Some TN panels are worse than others, it depends on who the actual manufacture is. Samsung and LG manufacture LCD panels to be used in LCD monitors, but they also purchase from other manufacturers as well.

    Of the two which one would I buy? That's a tough question because I do not like TN panel monitors. I bought one, but I only use for about 6 hours a month so I didn't have a problem tossing $230 at it.

    I would get the Samsung because:

    1. Physically looks better.
    2. There is no #2.
  2. Ahh i see. Thx a lot for the answer. I intend to use it a lot but ill take it anyway.
    And $230!? Damn thats cheap. Id buy 2 if we had same prices here :)
  3. The Asus TN panel monitor that I bought is only 24", not 27".
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