Difference between LED and LED backlit monitors

I am totally confused before purchasing a monitor.Whether to choose pure LED monitor or a LED back lit LCD monitor. Which one is better, price-wise, performance wise or longevity wise?
Kindly reply early.
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  1. They are one and the same. You can thank advertising and marketing for confusing the issue.

    "LED" for both monitors and HDTV only refers to the backlight.
  2. As far as the "real" LED TV on the market today, the only LED TV i've seen so far on sale is the OLED from Sony (XEL-1). But as jaguarskx pointed out; advertising and marketing confuse a lot of people looking for a real LED TV's.

    I just bought a 32" (LED backlight) LCD TV as a gift for $700 at bestbuy this may and the new owners are very happy with the quality. I only got to see it in action once at the store and I also like it. Unfortunately, I just bought my Sony XBR TV 2 years ago, thinking of replacing it but wife don't want new TV unless old one brake down. :(

    If you're looking for Sony models, compare the two, XBR's black color is darker (more of a black) compare to non XBR which is kindna bluish in color.
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