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I recently went window shopping to look at a few new HDTV technologies. Mainly, I wanted to see if 120Hz/240Hz TV's had any perceivable difference with standard 60Hz monitors/HDTVs and I also wanted to see if the quad-pixel technology was a gimmick or not.

Well, the Quad-Pixel stuff was perceivable better, but is in no way was it worth the difference in cost.

What I found to be FAR more important was the refresh rate. The 120Hz refresh rate HDTVs were A LOT smoother to look at.

What I want to know is: Has anyone used any of these 120/240Hz TVs as monitors, and does the higher refresh rate translate to the PC screen like it does for Bluray movies?
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    120Hz / 240Hz does not refer to input signal or refresh rate. It refers to internal video processing. Basically the technology creates intermediate frames then inserts them in between the actual frames received from the video source. The effect is to make video playback smoother. It also gives movies that "live" look; kinda like a news broadcast or soap opera.

    Also, 240Hz tech, at least according to my friend who has a Samsung 240Hz HDTV of some model, also seems give video a very slight 3D-ish effect. Kinda like objects people that are "closer" to the viewer(s) have thicker outlines to make them standout against the background. Never seen it myself so I can't give my opinion.

    120Hz HDTV operate differently compared to 120Hz PC monitors. 120Hz PC monitors accepts 120Hz inputs (dual DVI-D connection). 120Hz HDTV only accepts 60Hz inputs. Since using 120Hz / 240Hz inserts frames, they create input lag for games since it takes a little bit of time for the internal video processor to create, then insert the intermediate frames. Always use 60Hz mode, unless you like input lag.
  2. Awww... That's too bad. I was very impressed with those 120Hz TVs. Didn't realize it was output. I'm using a 60Hz ToC Samsung right now. It was more hypothetical than anything else... Creates lag eh? So bad for game consoles too I'd imagine.
  3. Are 120Hz screens bad for consoles?
  4. Just switch the HDTV to 60Hz or gaming mode.
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