Please recommend high-quality monitor(s).

Ok, guys, this is the situation - I am sick of low quality monitors and problems with them. My last one - the Samsung Syncmaster 2053BW had bulged capacitors (capacitor plague). One of the capacitors even exploded and scared the *** out of me! Before it I had Sony E96D, which had uneven distribution of the backlight (also known as LCD mura or clowdness, here it is)
Now I need something that meet these requirements:
1. HIGH QUALITY. Since I use my electronic equipment for a very long time - 9-10 years, I want a monitor that has a very long lifespan. I agree to spend more money for my next monitor (max price: $400-$450, lower suggestions are also welcomed). I need a monitor whose capacitors won't bulge and whose LCD panel won't degrade it's picture quality as the years are passing.
2. EYE FRIENDLY. I don't like monitors with very high resolutions stucked in small size (like 1680x1050 in 20") because this makes the text too small, difficult to read and is bad for my eyes. I need bigger dot pitch, I need big pixels.

The responce time is not important to me.

So give me good brands for monitors. Are Dell, NEC, EIZO, Iiyama high-quality brands?
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  1. 1. $400 - $450 will not get you a "high quality" monitor.

    2. So basically you are looking at 24"+ monitors

    3. Not even "high quality" monitors can guarantee that.

    My two monitors are considered to be both high end and "high quality".

    - NEC LCD2690WUXi = $1,200 ... Discontinued, and replaced by the LCD2690WUXi2

    - Planar PX2611w = $780 ... Not as "high end" as the NEC since it lacks the extra video processing electronics mostly benefiting graphic artists.
  2. Also nothing is guaranteed to last 9 - 10 years.

    My 19" Planar PX191 purchased back in 2002 for $725 still work today. One of the best high quality monitor back then, but with little brand recognition. Planar is still pretty much an unknown brand today.
  3. Recommend me monitors with high hardware quality and with sizes 18", 19", 20"... and not high resolution - 1360x768, 1440x900... something like that, which is eye-friendly.
    I noticed several DELL 19" 1440x900, are DELL good monitors?
  4. Where are being NEC, DELL, HP, Philips, Iiyama monitors manufactured? What's the quality?
  5. Get yourself an Alienware OPTX 2210 (or even better 2310). Alienware belongs to Dell and specializes on extra high-quality equipment, but is quite pricey as well. I have one of those LCD's and it is great. Plus, they give 3-year warranty (including no-dead-pixels), but you can prolong it to 5 years (if you are in the US).
  6. High quality brands are NEC, Eizo, and Planar.

    Not all their monitors are high quality. Generally speaking the more it costs the higher the quality. High quality components and testing generally cost $$$.
  7. Yes, and I am willing to give as much $$$ as needed. I don't want a big monitor because it causes pain in my eyes. I need something 18", 19" or 20" with resolution 1440x900 or 1366x768 (I need dot pitch larger than 0.27). Do Alienware have such models? I need a monitor with relatively low characteristicts, but of high materials quality and high assemly quality.
  8. Tadaaaa, today I purchased NEC AS191WM :)
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