Why wont my picture fill the screen?

I just purchased a new Hanns-G 23in 1920x1080P monitor as an upgrade from an Acer 19in 720P and I cant seem to get the picture to fill the screen. I have done everything within my power including changing the resolution in ATI catalyst control center and using the buttons on the monitor, yet I still have a black border.

I have a Radeon HD 4650 video card and am using the DVI-HDMI cable that came with the monitor, and am running windows 7 home(yes the monitor is windows 7 compatible, although I dont know why it wouldnt be....)

Anyone have a possible answer?
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  1. I did that exact thing and mine has that selected by default and wont let me change it(so its right). If I play a game it will fill the whole screen, I just cant get my desktop to fill it.

    Its really annoying >.<
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    Ok I figured it out. My ATI 4650 had the option for the 1920x1080P resolution, however it could not make the desktop fill all 23inches. I upgraded to a 5770 and now everything is all good.
  3. Thanks for the update.
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