Which of these 2 budget monitors?

To cut to the chase and be quick and precise, I am planning a new setup and I have realized I need to upgrade my primary monitor to go along with my new hardware. I have been rocking a regular 4:3, 19" monitor so I was going to get a 20" widescreen but for whatever reason felt I should bump it up to a 22".

I am already gonna be spending a lot of money on my setup so I am not looking to spend more than like 150 to 170, plus the fact I have never been someone who has to have a top of the line display. There are actually a couple of samsungs I would just probably instantly buy but they are 1080p and I have the desire to find a 22 inch that is 1680 x 1050. Just like I don't need the top of the line monitors, I am also not a resolution whore. Some of you might think I am retarded and think 1080p is far superior and worth it, but to me, 1080p = more GPU power being used. I would rather game at 1680x1050 and have more frames. Probably not a big deal with games right now but some future demanding game down the road...it might mean I will get 35 avg FPS rather than 25 FPS. :D


The first is probably the standard Acer budget monitor X223 that a lot of you probably seen a million times. My friend has one of these and as far as I can tell, it is a good monitor for its price.


The second is a random one I found and it looks pretty good and the reason I am even making the post is because I thought this viewsonic might be a better purchase. As far as my knowledge goes, Viewsonic is a good maker of monitors and figured they would have better quality than Acer.

Anyway to figure out which one has the better contrast ratio? I know the Acer has 2500:1 and the Viewsonic has 1000:1. But I also know that doesn't mean *** with how companies report contrast ratios these days.
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  1. They both have 5ms response time. I do not have experience with either monitor, however, from the reading I have done, 5ms may result in ghosting during gaming and some movies.
  2. No experience with either monitors.

    No matter what the response time, LCD monitors will show some level of ghosting from time to time. Lower response times means less of a chance. It is the limitation of all LCD monitors.
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