Whats a good 16:10 22" gaming monitor?

My current fullscreen is dying, so I need to finally move to wide.

Can you guys give me some recommendations on gaming monitors to look at?

I'm thinking 22"-23", though wouldn't mind 24" if there was a clear winner. I don't have the setup to handle larger.

Unless someone can tell me why, I'm assuming 16:10 1920*1200 res is a requirement for the extra gaming viewing space. Black bars during movies are a nonissue to me.

Low latency and ghosting is also important, but tbh I've dropped my shooter interest and I rarely notice issues on my current monitor and it's several years old when like 15ms was quality.

I'm looking for good color and image contrast too and willing to pay more for it (within reason). I'm figuring a limit of around $400 would be more than enough for any monitor in this size range?

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  1. I was scanning some reviews, the samsung-sm2233rz sounded pretty promising.

    My only slight hesitation is the 1680*1050 resolution. It's the aspect ratio I want, but it occured to me my current is 1600*1200, so I'm actually going down. It's making me eye 24"s again...
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