Choosing a new gaming monitor on a "budget"

Title says most of the story. Trying to get the best deal I can, and not sure if spending an extra 30 dollars is worth the 2ms version over the 3ms version.

I'm a little torn between these monitors:


The first one has a 5 ms response time, while the other has a 2ms response time. I play a lot of FPS games, and MMO's, so I don't know if I would experience a lot of screen tearing with the 5ms.

Also, I am running crossfire, and have the option for DVI and HDMI, which output am I better off using?

Sidenote: Been looking into LG monitors and while they ARE expensive, the display I've seen at best buy has been great. But someone told me that you can get a good looking display with almost any monitor with some tweeking.
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  1. ALSO: If there are other monitors or good deals to look into, please let me know, here. Thanks!

    EDIT: I hear good things about dell monitors. Confirm/Deny?
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