Monitor response time trickery

So i'm looking at getting this screen here:

The response time is rated at 2ms "(GTG)", I looked this term up and apparently its to make the response time sound faster than it actually is? So my question is, is 2ms GTG slower than the standard 5ms that is not rated at GTG? I want to be getting a screen that responds faster than the 5ms screen I have now to hopefully improve gaming.


on a further note, does anyone have a suggestion for a good gaming monitor bigger than 22" that's around 200$? looking for a new screen to run my 5870 on.
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  1. Qwoz,

    I recently purchased a Samsung P2350-1 rated at 2ms GTG and have had no problems with ghosting whatsoever. I have not played games that push 120 FPS or anything, but had it capped to 60 with V-Sync to eliminate screen tearing, and have seen no difference in motion blur between this monitor and the 19" Samsung CRT that I just moved from. Half-Life 2, Doom 3, SC2 beta, etc., no problems.

    Also, I completely recommend the Samsung P2350-1 for games. NewEgg has it for $220, I got it for $210, but TigerDirect has it for under $189 with shipping after Bing Cashback. (Search for "tigerdirect" on Bing, make a Bing account, follow the directions, etc. and you will get an easy rebate by check (no paperwork, I believe) in sixty days or so.) I thought that the 23" screen might be a little too small, but it makes the image very sharp @ 1080. You do not need a 24" screen in my opinion, as this is pretty big.

    Plus, this monitor looks way better than that ASUS.
  2. Thanks booseek! I will look into that. I have always found samsung to be of higher caliber than asus anyway.
  3. It looks kinda strange how it has a red tint along the outside. How does this look in real life? I wish they just left it black.
  4. Qwoz,

    It looks great in real life. The touch buttons are also red so it carries that theme. It works for me because I have a red Razer Diamondback mouse, a soon-to-be HAF 932, and burgundy walls.

    You do not notice the tint with the monitor on, but it is there when it is off. But it is almost black and the red is most prominent in the center, as pictured. It is a black monitor that, from certain angles or when the light hits at a certain time of day, has a slight dark red tint.

    Cheaper than the ASUS, looks better than the ASUS, and probably performs better than the ASUS. If these are your two choices, go for the Samsung.
  5. Response time is not an exact science or spec. Generally speaking, the lower the better and what's advertised is generally under the most ideal and unrealistic conditions. A 2ms monitor can have actual response times a high as 40ms depending on what is being displayed and it fluctuates all the time.

    Most people can't tell the difference between a 2ms and 5ms LCD monitor. Eventually you may see some ghosting. It is simply a limitation of LCD technology.
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