Acer AL1916W Monitor Display Problem

After my Acer AL1916W monitor was working fine for over a year, all of a sudden it started displaying vertical ribbons/lines on the screen and nothing else. Can you tell me if it is possible and worth fixing, or should I buy another monitor?

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  1. Try a new VGA/DVI cable & power cable.
  2. My client is experiencing this, but the bars are horizontal, not vertical. Everything worked fine until a few weeks ago. Here's what I did and what I'm guessing:

    I first checked Device manager (no errors), reinstalled driver. Problem persists. Oh, and the cable is fine, since the client computer is here, on my bench, attached to a different monitor and cable, problem persists.

    Then I installed Malwarebytes, and disinfected 213 files, registry settings, etc. of trojans and malware.

    While I was waiting for the scan to finish, I found some references to RAM pairs not working and to an Acer E-Lock Management/AVG conflict. Acer monitor, but no E-Lock software, I uninstalled AVG, but problem persists.
    I did remove one stick of a pair, but problem persists.

    What did work as a temporary fix was to go to Display|Settings and just lower resolution, see the changed screen, but then say no, leave it as is. This removes the bars until... I open Explorer (XP Media Center SP3), Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox 3.6, I get the bars again. And the longer I have those programs open, the more bars appear. All this makes me really think it's a virus/trojan because it's only these three programs, and it's always these three programs.

    I did disable several add-ons in both browsers, but obviously, if Explorer is hit as well, this won't do any good, I don't think. Maybe, so I did it.

    After using mbam, I am now able to update the PC, using Win Update, and have applied all patches, etc.

    I then found this old 2008 MS KB which does mention the BSOD I was getting and the Stop error of PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, etc., and then I went to Symantec looking for a specific HAXDOOR threat removal - Negative. The article tells you what to look for in the registry and file system, and I did not find any of reg keys or files, so I think MBAM did the job, but there is some artifact left.

    Where I am at now is problem persists when I open Explorer, Internet Explorer or Mozilla, and after a while, I get BSOD, referencing ialmdev5.dll and PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, as written up in that KB above. The system is more stable now, not blue-screening all the time, I can login and open programs (except those 3).

    I think I will ask client to use it for a week, as is, so she can back up her files (why does no one do this?), and then I will install XP Pro clean for her.
  3. Oh, I should add that when I tried to install Housecall from Trend Micro's website, some crazy ad for trial software popped up, never got to the install screen. I tested on my computer, and I got to the normal site. I was able to run ESOT from the web, negative, nothing found.
  4. More digging around and I found this article

    Mad Monkey's workaround worked for me!
    - Right click on the desktop and go to Properties, followed by the Settings tab.
    - Click on Advanced and then the Troubleshoot tab.
    - Take "Hardware acceleration" down a notch or two.
    - Also make sure that "Enable write combining" is unticked.

    So although there were lots of trojans, it's a HW issue, looks like. I will check again in the morning, but right now I have no bars appearing on the desktop, it's not bluescreening or giving errors as mentioned in the KB.
  5. Take back what I said! After my last post I tried to reinstall AVG, problem surfaced again with a vengance, BSOD every couple of minutes. So I uninstalled AVG again, and went back to Mad Monkey's post, and ran the Windows Memchecker as a last resort. The second stick has errors all over the place. I yanked it and although CPU is whining, problem with display and BSOD is gone for now. Maybe AVG conflict AND bad memory was the issue. Not sure, and I can't remember where in the order of steps from yesterday I yanked the stick the first time - before AVG install or after.
    My advice to those with this issue - first run Memchecker, then uninstall AVG, install Malwarebytes and apply the workaround.
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