New samsung monitor - colors/sharpness/etc messed up

So i have a samsung 275t (i think its 27-28" monitor) and a samsung ecofit p2370.

I used to ecofit to use with my laptop, and used the 275t for my desktop.

I found the 275t too big to game with as i couldnt see "the whole screen" at once, even with it far back. So i swapped in my ecofit.

The ecofit is nice size wise and i prefer playing games on it. However, i cant seem to get the desktop colors to look right. Things appear blurry at times, very "soft" text and colors (especially in the start menu its noticable), the text in the firefox tabs looks weird too. All i did was swap monitors. The cleartype is on, ive adjusted it many times, i fiddled with the monitor sharpness, brightness, etc but still i cant seem to get it the way i feel it should be. Ive tried using autoadjust on the monitor, tried everything i could think of. Id love to take a screenshot but currently im at work.

I also noticed that in bad company 2 my muzzle flash would sometimes look very weird (hard to explain). Which i also think might be color related or something.

Any ideas?
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  1. A little more info would help.

    Video card?
    Monitor? (I really don't know what an "ecofit" is)
    Cable it is using
    Desktop resolution and game resolution

    Im going to take a jab at this

    If you are using a VGA cable, try using an HDMI or DVI cable because you don't need to adjust clock/phase with those.

    If you are using an HDMI cable and using an ATI card. Go into your drivers under your monitor configurations and set overscan to 0%.
  2. video card - nvidia 9800gtx+ drivers that are new.
    monitor - samsung ecofit p2370 (from my original post)
    cable - Im pretty sure its a DVI input into the monitor, not really sure about what goes into the video card, i will have to check, i think its dvi as well. Not using HDMI (doesnt have ports).

    i will take pictures of my desktop and double check the cables when i get home
  3. If you can take a picture of your monitor displaying a picture or background.
  4. The P2370 is this monitor.
  5. So its DVI to dvi. However, it has a vga adapter to get into the video card's dvi.

    Heres an example of the color distortion (look at the enter box, see the vertical lines?)
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