Display not fitting to the monitor screen most of the!?!

so I just recently built my first system, and one of the annoying system is that most of the time the display wont fit to the whole screen.
there is about a half inch box around the whole thing, but that's only most of the time.
when I was doing some overclocking, occasionally the display would take up the whole screen, then the next time I would reboot the black box would come back.. my only answer is wtf! why in the world would it do this.
any ideas?
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    Are you using an ATI card? Probably a HDMI cable with that right?

    If so, go into CCC and go into your monitor settings and set "overscan" to 0%
  2. I am having the same issue, but I have looked all through Catalyst Control Center but have not been able to find where to set the overscan at. I can only change the resolution, color quality, refresh rate, and rotation. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Are you using an HDMI cable
  4. Yes I am. it was a simple fix.
    1.went into catalyst control center
    2.opened up the graphivs and displays tab
    3.right clicked on my current display and hit configure
    4.clicked on 'scaling options' tab and set overscan to 0.
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