Good monitor for vga/dvi conenctions with minimal to no input lag???

Im sure this question gets asked alot, but I keep reading so many different answers from the course of the last 3 years, I dont know what to believe. Anyways, My family has a samsung 46ln750 the 240 hz model, and im using a vga cable from my xbox to reduce lag, but I know there is still lag, and it pisses me off that Im not playing up to ability...

So my question is, im moving out in the next year and im looking for a monitor with minimal/no lag, hopefully with a dvi, a vga, and maybe an hdmi port, so Im looking at the asus 246h, or 236h, if you have any suggestions to a different monitor, my price range is under $400.

I predominately play shooters, bdbc2 and mw2, and I dont really care if its not the best picture quality as persay our samsung 750 in 1080p mode, I just need something I can be competitive on
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  1. There more to input lag than just the monitor. See below article:

    Using VGA vs. DVI or HDMI does not necessarily lower input lag. Also, you need to set your HDTV to 60Hz mode because anything above causes the HDTV to perform video processing which increases input lag because it take a little bit of time to create and insert frame to improve smoothness and give video that "live" look. There's also edge detection and enhancement that is also performed. Great for video if those effects suit you; some do not like it. Bad for games because of the induced input lag.

    The Asus VK246H and VW246H have low input lag; less than 2ms on average or 1/16 of a frame. See my review. My last post has a link to an official review.

    Post a comment in that review if you want to bump it up. I don't bump my own posts; seems self-serving to me.
  2. Thanks very much, I had seen your posting about an hour before I posted this, was just trying to make sure there wasnt any additional information.
  3. Alienware OptX AW2310 says it'll have no input lag in DVI mode only... I just ordered this from Dell. Hopefully, it'll live up to expectations. However, it's selling for $499 which is a little out of your price range...

  4. The alienware doesn't have any input lag. But the price is so close to the much better looking Ultrasharp U2410.
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