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Where to start? so many threads on here for people asking what monitor to buy for how much, so Im gunna make mine short and sweet! Im asking for options and feedback.

1. Built new rig and have a 5770 with an existing 22''(1680x1050) westinghouse monitor, need to upgrade.
2. Need a monitor with HDMI and DVI. Using it for gaming and everyday computing.
3. Read and heard all pros and cons with LED monitors, quality not that much better but appeal is huge to me.
4. How big can I go with a 5770 without sacrificing FPS? max 24'' or a 23'' should suffice?
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  1. What's your budget? Where do you want to buy it from, give the link to the site. The size doesn't matter, only the resolution. So, a 30" full HD monitor is for your video card the same as a 22" full HD. You can get a full HD 23-24".
  2. Budget is 200-300$ and yes size does matter. 23 and 24'' have the same resolution.

    here is what im looking at, also some acer's products are nice but heard bad reviews about them
  3. For the video card's point of view, size doesn't matter, that's what I meant.

    5ms response time is good for gaming. If you have DVI you don't really need HDMI, both are digital connections. Those are looking good, search for reviews.
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