LG 22' LED LCD Monitor

Does anybody know why this monitor is not getting much love as other monitor on the market today?

For example:

Is not available at any local major retailer.

Is not mention on computer monitor related websites as much as i would expect...if any at all.

I did found some info/reviews on Amazon, Newegg & Youtube but that mostly it.

I just wanna find more reviews & input from people who own it.
I thinking of getting one.

Anybody wants to add their 2 cents about this particular monitor?

I will appreciate it.
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  1. LED backlight is a scam. It adds pretty much no picture quality. The only advantage is low power but monitors are not particularly hot until they get big like 30"
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    Calling it a scam is a bit harsh.

    I think Samsung did a dis-service to LED technology when it started to sell it's "LED HDTVs". People thought "wow a new technology"; no, not really.

    The benefits of LED backlight is as follows:

    1. Thinner monitor because of edge backlight ... Note #1
    2. Reaches optimal white light faster ... Note #2
    3. Lower power consumption

    Note #1 - Traditional LCDs use florescent lights (CCFLs) as backlighting which covers the entire back of the monitor. Edge backlight for LEDs means the LEDs emits light from the edges to an "amorphous" material which reflects the light towards the viewer(s). This in itself does not improve the quality of backlight uniformity because the "amorhous" material can have defects or "blotches". A fully array rear LED backlight would be better, but that does not mean it is better than CCFLs.

    Note #2 - LED lights tends to reach it's "optimal white temperature or color" faster than CCFLs which tends to take a little time to "warm up". However, that does not mean while light coming from LEDs will be better than from CCFLs. A lot has to do with the quality of the lights used in the manufacturing process.

    Addtionally, while the backlight does contribute to color accuracy of, well... colors, it is not the be all, end all of color accuracy. The panel technology is the most important of all. If the panel tech it's cannot produce accurate colors, then what's the point of having the most "perfect white" backlight?

    All current production LCD monitors with LED backlighting uses the "inferior" TN panel technology. By design, it cannot produce accurate colors. If you are a professional graphics designer who professes any type professional pride in your work. You avoid using monitors with TN panels for your work related projects upon pain of death. For the average consumer they are fine.
  3. In the end, does LED backlight have any appeal? Yes.

    Does LED backlight improve quality? No.
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