23" monitor @ 2048rez vs 25" 1080p monitor?

Ok, Im buying a new monitor for gaming and watching movies in my room, and I cant figure out which is best. I use an ati hd4890 video card currently, with a samsung 1600x900 20" display. My options are these.
Currently I can play any game including crysis at max details, I dont know however how my card will fair under the a resolution of 2048 compared to 1080p. Also Im not sure if its really worth getting a bigger monitor rather than increased resolution. So here are the advantages I can find.
Samsung:higher rez, higher contrast ratio, but lower 5ms response rate and 23"size
I-inc:lower 1080p rez, lower contrast ratio, but higher 2ms response rate and 25" size. Which would you guys recommend for my uses (gaming, movies, studying/reading books online, school stuff)? Thanks!
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  1. I would go with the Samsung because 1) I have never heard of the other brand (and usually when that happens the other brand isn't as good), 2) the contrast ratio is 20,000 compared to 800:1, 3) higher resolution is nice, 4)the other brand doesn't have a DVI port (don't know which you are using, but I would go DVI if I could) 5) 2ms is nice on the other, but 5ms is still fairly decent also.

    If you are going to be spending about $230-$250 for the Samsung; why not go with the Samsung P2370 that has 50,000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms, but the resolution is 1080p which is actually a pretty standard resolution nowadays.
  2. Bro go for large rez monitor it is suitable for movies but gaming will be superb IF you have a super end gfx card hd4890 is suitable if crossfired otherwise u have to lower the game rez and details & the following words were used in this forum i.e Never Care About Contrast Ratio it is not exact as given by the manufacture use Spyder 3 elite to find exact contrast ratio : if CR is 1000:1 is good if below not so good but respectable for IPS panel
  3. Go for the samsung. Higher resolution :)
  4. Higher resolution also means lower gaming performance since the HD 4890 needs to render more pixels. The Samsung has about 14% more pixels, therefore you should expect a 13% - 17% drop in frame rates compared to the I-inc,
  5. How are these as options to what I posted above? Id like something good for movies from a distance of about 4 or 5 feet so Im thinking bigger=better?
    The acer is just my budget option. Im still considering the samsung (if it ever comes back in stock at my local microcenter).
  6. Crossfire ur card if going for high rez
  7. I cant afford both a XF config and a new monitor. Ive considered a xf'ing my 4890 with a 4870 for budget reasons, but then I wouldnt be able to get anything more expensive than a $160 monitor, which is ok for the acer but Id like something bigger/nicer.
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