Bloated Resolution

I know there is something wrong with my monitor, but I don't know what it is.

Ok, so hte issue is that my monitor keeps getting wider in the center

like from | | (where | | is normal and good) to ( ) and then it slowly recedes back into | |

it happens randomly though!

I have already ruled out the video card - at least I hope I did.
I plugged in a different monitor and I didn't see any bloating.

I can play DMC4, GTA4, and RE5 fine with no slowdown and no complaints from the video card.

Is my monitor basically on its way to the trash heap?
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  1. Try going to your graphics card settings and letting adjust the re-adjust the resolution from there, or let the graphics card software automatically adjust it to its native resolution for you.
  2. Ah also, the gfx card is fine. I tried it on two different monitors.

    Also IU noticed that on white screens, the screen viciously bloats (like now...)
    and on black screen (like irc) it shrinks back to normal :(
  3. depending on the model of monitor there could be a number of reasons for this fault. try smacking it around. this will confirm if a connection has come loose, it would be best to replace the monitor unless you're competent with repairing this type of equipment
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