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Ok so I will be upgrading from my 19" acer LCD to a 24", and I have a few questions. First off my 19" is not going away it is going to be used as a second monitor so that I can do all my main work on the 24 while the 19 is there for basic activities.

I have a upper end rig running a core 2 duo E8400 and a ATI HD5850, and running Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

Now my questions are what are these TN, panels I hear so much dread about. I use my monitor primarily for gaming and for just simple task, no image editing or any real intense applications. I had in mind a monitor that just arrived to Newegg it is the SAMSUNG P2450H, it looks great spec-wise and price-wise to me. I was reading reviews and trying to find information about it and I kept coming across these complaints about TN panels. I just want to make sure it will be good for what I am doing, I don't want to spend the money and then find out this thing is terrible.

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  1. What 19" LCD monitor do you have? That could be using a TN panel.

    Monitors built with TN panels are inexpensive and meant to attract they eye of the average consumer because of low price and size combination. The SAMSUNG P2450H you want is a TN panel monitor. 24" LCD monitors not using a TN panel are generally priced at $600 before sale.

    TN panel monitors generally have fast response times with poor to fair viewing angles and adequate color accuracy.

    For more info....

  2. Well with my price range around 200-300 dollars looks like I am going to be getting that Samsung 24", unless someone thinks there is a better one.

    Last question how do the LED compare to the LCD.
  3. "LED monitors" simply use LED lights instead of florescent light behind the LCD panel; a.k.a. backlight.

    Only real difference is LED monitor can be slimmer and a little less power consumption.
  4. After reading review I am going with the LED, due to the fact they offer better color's due to the fact that the LED produces a better quality then the florescent light.
  5. ^^^

    Not exactly true. Lots of "traditional" LCD monitors using florescent light are just as good if not better than a monitor with LED backlight.

    Additionally, "better colors" is more dependent on the panel type rather than the backlight. Monitors with IPS, MVA, PVA panel technologies provides better colors than cheap monitors using TN panels. So far all LED monitors uses TN panels which produces poor to adequate colors compared to the other panel techs mentioned.

    Monitors with TN panels are geared towards the average consumer because of their low prices. LCD monitors using more color accurate panels (IPS, MVA, PVA) costs more because of the higher production costs.
  6. I am not going to spend 600 dollars for a 24" monitor, due to the fact that I have no need for one, just want one that will be great for my games, and work.
  7. I'm just saying if you want something better than TN panels, then you'll need to spend more money.

    You're 19" Acer LCD most likely uses a TN panel 'cause I never heard of Acer using any other types of panels for their monitors.
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