TN Viewing Angles THAT bad?

Hi all,

Here's the thing. Currently I have a 190s7 Philips monitor. I'm not exactly sure what kind of panel this monitor has, but it's definitely not one of the newer techs, as it is some years old already. I'm thinking of buying a new 24 inch monitor, but after reading some stuff about the viewing angles, something is bothering me.

I like to turn my monitor towards my bed and just go lay on there while watching a movie. With my current monitor (viewing angle 176/170) I just have to adjust the brightness a bit, to get about equal quality as when I'd watch it when sitting right in front of the monitor. I'd say the viewing point from my bed is having my eyes at the height of the monitor stand when looking straight forward at a 2 meter distance.

Now my question is, is TN panel's viewing angle considered bad compared to it's competitors or just in general (including the panel from my old 190s monitor)? Would I still get a good quality picture from my monitor at the above described viewing angle?

Right now I'm doubting between LG/Philips/Samsung 24" monitors with viewing angles set at 170h/160v. I believe the Philips is set at 176/170 just like my current one.

Another question would be, what's the reputation of the following brands:

Thank you for any help :)
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  1. TN panels are just outright terrible in terms of viewing angle. I had a few TN panels but now im using IPS and never looking back. The problem isn't with the manufacturer but the technology itself. The technology is mature and pretty much as good as it is going to get. Color shift is noticable on my 24" TN panel just by looking at the corners.

    You will notice that they don't make large TVs or even 30" monitors with TN technology because they simply can't. The lack of viewing angle would kill the color even if you are sitting right infront of it.

    Dell (their ultrasharp line is IPS panels, thus very nice color and viewing angle probably the best you can find)

    Then the rest which makes more or less the same thing. Mostly TN panels and their difference only vary slightly.
  2. Go see for yourself if TN panels are terrible in your own opinion. Go to Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, whatever store that sells monitors. All monitors they sell are basically guaranteed to use TN panels, unless they have a 24" monitor in that costs at least $600.

    Try this test to see if your monitor has good angle. My S-IPS pass this test with pretty much zero color distortion.
    You will have to scroll down for different images.
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