Acer X203H bd 20" vs. I-inc iH-252HPB 25"

I have searching for a good monitor and currently I own an Acer X203H bd 20", and I thought about getting another one so I would have dual screens but I
thought it would be better to upgrade then later buy a second one.
I found this I-inc and I thought for 200 bucks it was a good deal, but I could get the Acer X233Hbid 23" for 200$ also.
So my question is which one would you get the Acer 23" or the I-inc 25", the Iinc seems to have better stats, but Acer is already trustworty cause
my current one has lasted.
I just haven't really heard anything about Iinc, so if any one has any suggestions or know of something better than both of these for around 200 let me know.

*I am giving my dad my current one just to let u know I won't be hooking it up with what ever I get, unless I get another one*
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  1. The egg also has this LG W2353V-PF 23" for 200 and it looks pretty sweet.
    But these are the main monitors for 200 and the Iinc and LG seem to be a little better but I would like some opinions thanks
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