monitor choice: Dell 2209WA good deal?

I'm building a new computer and need a monitor to go along with it. I saw this deal on the dell website and am wondering about how good this monitor is. Anyone own a Dell 2209WA? Good/bad experience? The monitor is apparently on sale from $369CAD to $229CAD. Good deal?
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  1. Hey, dell monitors aren't bad. Unless you have your heart set on 22" monitor, I'd recommend they have a nice 20" Samsung for the same price a little less screen, but I think you'd like it better. It really boils down to what you want to spend on a monitor.
  2. The 2209 WA is one of the best monitors available for less than $400. It's an IPS panel, which means it will far and away beat most cheap monitors for image quality. I would definitely get it with that kind of a sale. It would be well worth it.
  3. Hi,
    I'm willing to spend a maximum of $300 on a monitor. I'm reading a sticky from AnandTech about LCD technology, and it says that IPS panels aren't great for gaming due to lag. I am buying my computer primarily for gaming; how would this monitor hold up? Has anyone had issues with ghosting on fast-moving images?
  4. While IPS panels may generally have higher input lag than TN panels (there are TN panels with relatively high lag as well), it does not necessarily make them worse for gaming. I don't really like color shifting when looking at my monitor which TN panels are notorious for.

    The 24" Dell 2410U (~ $600) is an example of a good gaming IPS panel monitor (about 14ms input lag). The 26" Planar PX2611w (~ $800 which I have) is an excellent IPS panel monitor for gaming (<8ms input lag).

    Yeah, those are probably expensive monitor for the average person / gamer. But since I'm pretty particular about the viewing quality of monitors (as well as quality control) I wasn't squeamish about dropping about $2,100 for my 26" NEC and Planar monitors (worth more than my PC).
  5. At the moment I'm waffling between the 2209WA and the Asus VW266H. Would any of you consider one definitively better for gaming than the other? From what I'm read, I'm torn between the Dell's more convenient stand and better image quality, vs the Asus' extra screen (size matters yo) and faster input lag.

    The decision is killing me. I'm just going to buy one tomorrow. Hopefully there'll be some suggestions here within the next 12 hours :)
  6. I'd get the Dell. That model does not have excessive input lag, and the image quality difference is huge, at least in my opinion.
  7. Ok. And do you think the Dell at its native resolution of 1650x1050 still looks better than the Asus at 1900x1200?
  8. What's more important?


    + 1920 x 1200 Resolution
    + Screen is physically larger
    + Inexpensive for it's size
    + Low input lag

    - TN panel
    - Narrower viewing angles means even when sitting front and center you can notice color shifts the further off center you look at the screen.
    - You need a good video card to play games. You need an excellent card to push graphic settings to the max or near max to still get "good enough" frame rates.
    - Possible to play games at lower resolution like 1680 x 1050 and stretch it to fill the screen. Slight drop in image quality though. However you don't hear people with PS3 and Xbox 360 complaining about image quality since they do the same thing. Most of them don't even know games are rendered at lower resolution (1366 x 768 or less), and then stretched to fill the screen. Dummies.....


    + e-IPS panel
    + Good color reproduction (once properly calibrated, like all monitors)
    + Wide viewing angles. Colors can still shift, but not as dramatically as TN panels.
    + Relatively low input lag
    + The lower resolution means you do not have to spend as much money if you want the same graphics quality settings as on a 1920 x 1200 monitor.

    - Relatively expensive compare to other similar size monitors that use TN panels.
    - May not have a wide angle of a view in some games compared to a higher resolution monitor. Meaning a little less panoramic view.
    - Watching blu-ray (1080p) movies will result in a slight drop in video quality since the 1080p must be squeezed onto a lower resolution monitor.
    - Screen is physically smaller.
  9. You might like to peruse this thead for the 2209WA. It is long but there's some good info on a variety of things regarding this LCD.
  10. OK mates, thanks for the info and the quick responses. I've placed an order for the Dell and its silly 38% off sale. So the waffling is over! Hurray!
  11. Hey, I'm also looking for a good monitor. CanadianKHL, have you received your monitor and how is it?

    Also, does anyone know how 2209WA compares with U2410 besides the difference in size?
  12. umm .. maybe you could buy the monitor at Dell US cause its much cheaper .. well you must check out the shipping price .. but 299US$(314$ in canada I guess) is way better than 369$
  13. Hey Soarocy, I'll let you know as soon as I get my new monitor. Unfortunately, I checked purolator and my shipment has been delayed by weather :( Just be aware that I've been using an 19" Viewsonic A90 (CRT) for the past 10-11 years, so my opinions regarding a brand new shiny 22" LCD might just be me gushing for an hour.

    Shaco: Thanks for the heads up. Luckily for me, had the monitor on sale for $230CAD this week :)
  14. Your input will still be very valuable :) Hope you will enjoy your new monitor!
  15. i wouldnt have spent 300+ on a 22' i would of went up a few more inches for the same price range, but whatever floats your boat.
  16. darthlaidher said:
    i wouldnt have spent 300+ on a 22' i would of went up a few more inches for the same price range, but whatever floats your boat.

    $300 for an IPS panel is a steal. To get a couple more inches with comparable image quality, you'd have to go to something like the Dell U2411, which goes for around $600.
  17. So I got my monitor. Played a bit of Dawn of War II and Mass Effect on it, and it's quite nice. Nice, crisp picture, nice bright colours. I know that, being a gamer, I personally like the settings a little on the bright side, but just for kicks I turned the brightness way down and the contrast down just a smidge, and the blacks seem quite black while the colours still pop pretty nice. I didn't have anything overly scientific about it; I tried playing with the lights off, the lights on. Tried some movies, some cartoons, and then the games. I definitely have no complaints about the screen.

    I also didn't notice any sort of ghosting like I do on my cheesy LCD HD TV (When I play baseball games on my TV, the ball leaves a slight trail behind it). No dead pixels either. I had heard that those are a concern on LCDs, but meh. Knock on wood.

    The screen size is very nice, and the stand is very very very nice. I love how easy it is to adjust the height and angle of the monitor. I have so much space on my desk!! Getting rid of my old 90 ton CRT monitor was the best thing ever!

    I've seen a few of my friends' monitors, and this one seems to stack up fairly well to theirs (sorry I don't know what exactly they own). I'm not sure it's worth the retail price of around $370 CAD, but when it was on sale for $230, it was a no brainer. I have a friend who's in web design. When I told him I bought this thing on sale for $230, he said "you mean $330". Nope :) "Off of some guy in a white van downtown?" Nope :)
  18. CanadianKHL, thanks for your review! I know this reply is late, but still thanks!
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