Fastest AND highest image quality?

I've been looking for the past week for a monitor to replace my 3 y.o 19'' TN Samsung(940bw, 1440x900, 4ms). However, each time I find what appears to be the perfect monitor, I find out later that there's something wrong with it.

What I was looking for was:
Highest possible image quality, without sacrificing too much speed, something like 6ms g2g, 15ms input-lag.
Size: 23'' and up
Resolution: anything higher than 1920 x 1080 has include 1:1 pixel-mapping.
All that has to be under 700$.

What I found so far:
Dell 2209WA. Had everything, then I realized I needed more than 22''.
Dell 2408WFP. High input lag. 30ms is too much for online-gaming, which I'll be doing a lot(my ping is already too high).
Dell U2410. Closest thing to the perfect monitor. Alas, I found out about the tinting issue, and decided I won't be gambling 500$.
HP LP2475W. High input lag(no game mode like the Dell version). Also shares the tinting problem.
NEC EA231WMi. Really liked this monitor, the only thing I'm really worried about is the high response time(14ms, although black to white). Some say the ghosting is fine, others say it's too slow. What's everyone's opinion?
Samsung SyncMaster F2380-M(C-PVA). Response time turned out to be the worst of the above.

Maybe I should just stick to TN panels, any suggestions?

edit: The above monitors are all non-TN panels, and are the fastest I could find. Anyone know of TN panels that match them in terms of image quality(colors/contrast)?
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  1. Planar PX2611w

    + H-IPS panel (great image and colors once calibrated)
    + 1920 x 1200
    + Input Lag of less than 8ms
    + 26" monitor
    + 5ms g2g

    - $762 before shipping
    - Color banding issues when playing console games (not PC games) @ 1080p. No issues with movies.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, that looks like a good monitor, I believe I came across this monitor too, but the price scared me off. Maybe there are cheaper alternatives? :) I should have asked for a 600~650$ monitor instead, lol.
  3. Well I'm certainly happy with the Planar PX2611w, and it's cheaper than my NEC LCD2690WUXi monitor.

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect LCD monitor. If the Planar PX2611w too a bit too much and the monitors you listed about doesn't fit your needs, then I can't really come up with another alternative at the moment.
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