Benq's G2220HD. Looking for a new monitor, would like some advice.

I am looking for a monitor to replace my old CRT. What i would like in a monitor is:
DVI signal,
not larger than 22",
dont want to spend more than $260,
It will be used mostly for gaming, not proffessional photo editing, so speed is more important then colors.
I have a 8800GT, games i play are CS,CS:S,Crysis,GofW,Fallout3 would this card be able to run Crysis/Fallout3 at that resolution (1920x1080), detailes dont need to be higher then medium (low is acceptable)?
I have been eyeing the Benq G2220HD, dose anybody own that monitor that would be willing to share his experience with it? I am having a hard time finding reviews about it.
Would you reccomend another monitor that i should look at?

Best regards
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  1. Here is a review for the G2220HD:, it is reviewed very positively and sounds like a must buy.

    I personally have no experience with the G2220HD, but I own the E2200HD with which I am very satisfied. As what I read about Benq monitors in general so far, the G2220HD should follow the good performance and picture quality of the E2200HD and E2400HD.
  2. The Benq g2220hd is a top quality monitor for the price. the colours are sharp, crisp and spot on. playing games is a breeze with no lag. the on sceen menu is very easy. i have connected the benq to my xbox 360 with vga and the pc with a dvi cable and you can switch from either with a touch of a button! the only small niggle is that the control buttons in a darkish room are not easy to see but that is not a real problem, if it is then turn the light on and how often do you use the buttons.! 5 out of 5 buy it ,you will not regret it.
  3. I have had two of these monitors for a few months now and have been generally very pleased (especially for the price). The buttons are a bit hard to locate though and occasionally the power button gets pressed accidentally when trying to press "enter" button next to it but that does not happen very often.

    One thing I would change on this monitor is the feature to automatically switch between the VGA and DVI inputs. I have two computers connected to both monitors and if I restart the other computer the monitor switches automatically to the other input as there is no signal for a moment from the computer that is restarting. Of course the input can be switched back manually by a press of a button as soon as the restarting computer is feeding signal again but it takes a few seconds to switch back. It's especially annoying when doing any hardware updating when you would like to see all the info on the startup screen.

    Another thing when having two of these monitors side by side is that they are not symmetrical. The frame is taller at the side where the buttons are located so the bottoms of the monitors are not level. This is only cosmetic of course. Some people have complained about reflections on the glossy black frame but I have not seen that as a problem although would still prefer matte frame for appearance.
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