Difference between Monitor and LCD TV monitor?

What is the difference between a 30-inch LCD TV monitor that i can buy for $400.00 and an actual 30-inch PC monitor that cost about 4-5 times more? Monitors have never been my thing and would like to know the idfference... Thanks

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    First and most noticable is resolution and pixel density.

    Both panels are 30" but the monitor would definitely have 16:10 aspect ratio and the TV would have a 16:9 aspect ratio. So the monitor gives you more pixels.

    Apart from the ratio the pixel density of the monitor is almost double that of a TV, at 2560x1600 rather than 1920x1080. So if you think blu-ray is good quality, a 30" monitor almost doubles that.

    Panel type is also different. TVs are usually PVA panels which are very good but most monitors like the LG and Dell 30" use a S-IPS panel technology. You get more color accuracy, gammut, and viewing angle.
  2. I believe 30" LCD HDTVs are 1280 x 768 resolution. LCD monitors that are 1920 x 1080 start at 32" to the best of my knowledge.

    HDTVs generally use S-PVA panels, however cheaper ones most likely uses TN panels, while some HDTVs; like my LG 47LH90; use S-IPS panels.
  3. My friend has a 27" HDTV at 1080P

    I have a 30" LG and I can say it is much better than any HDTV but very expensive.
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