Ultra wide aspect ratio monitors

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any ultra wide screen monitors. I'm not talking about the curved wrap around that are out for 8K, but more of like something in the 2.35/1 range. For gaming this seems like it would be a nice setup. Something like a 26" wide aspect ratio. This would have the problems of a 3X monitor setup and could still be driven by a single card. Maybe hit something like a 2500x1200 resolution.....
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  1. Nope.
  2. The original should have said "This would NOT have the problems of a 3X..."

    Anyhow I'm thinking the product doesn't exist. Sure would be nice though.
  3. You could always get a 2560x1600 monitor and run it at at a wider aspect ratio but games don't support 2500x1200 as standard so you might need third party software to force it.

    16:9 is the widest standard ratio
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