Samsung SyncMaster XL2370

Does anyone own this monitor? I want to pick it up for my new build. It got good reviews and its an editors choice. Its out of stock right now and only Best Buy seems to carry it, any comments on this monitor?

Monitor: $300
Samsung SyncMaster XL2370

Edit: The LED Backlight in a reason I want it.
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  1. friendly bump, any comments on this monitor?
  2. was wondering the same thing myself Kasceis..
  3. I ordered this anyway and got it in the mail today, I'll let you guys know what I think about it here soon. First impression... it looks amazing!
  4. where did you get it? sold out at all best buys in my area.

    impressions definitly appreciated.
  5. Got it from .. it was backordered, but I placed my order anyway. It shipped about 4-5 days later.

    I didn't get to get to it last night, my video card doesn't come till monday, so I left everything alone, but i plan on messing around with stuff tonight. The screen looks huge, but then again im use to a 17" CRT monitor. I'll try to hook it up to my XBox tonight just to see the picture on it.
  6. i actually stopped at best buy after tonight and checked out the display one..and fell in shamed the surrounding LCD's.
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    just got mine yesterday, looks great but Im having issues with the display software, a lot of invidia cards arent supported (currently running two 9800gx2s), might be because its so new. they didnt even have an option for this products registration on their site. called samsung cs and they which was pretty worthless, easily the worst cs experience Ive ever had, they just didnt have a clue about anything. hopefully i can find a work around to get the software up and running.

    its incredibly thin and very light so it wobbles a little on the stand, no energy saver

    other than those small issues its a pretty good lcd
  8. mine has energy star rateing.. i have both the xl2370 and the SM 216bw.. duel view look great even though my 216 only has max rez of 1650X what ever it is...other wise im likeing the xl2370 but when it comes to gameing i dont think it looks as good as my samsung 216bw..guess i might need to tweek something.. well later
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