Insane Red Tilt on My Recently Purchased Monitor... Is it screwed?

Ive tried the monitor on multiple graphic cards that I know to be working (I have two of the exact same monitor) and have tried multiple cords that I know to be working... so its 100% not a cord/graphic card issue.

The picture has an insane red tint. When the monitor is plugged into the wall but not the cpu, it shows every color as it should be... not sure if that matters.

Here is what my screen looks like:

OK, just got on another computer and realized that the photo i uploaded to imageshack actually looks the way my desktop should look... In real life, on that monitor, everything is red tint.
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  1. I would say you need to change the color setting on the monitor.
  2. Play with the red value in the monitor's menu. You'll probably need to adjust blue and green values too.

    Use following online calibration tool to help you out...
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