Multi-Computer 3rd Monitor Setup

Simply put I want three machines to have 2 dedicated monitors (ie: we have 6 small monitors) for research and a 3rd monitor that is shared between them all where we can drag some windows over to have a small room of people be able to view it better.

Hooking up two monitors to these systems is fine. 2 of the computers have a single dual port card in the back, and the 3rd (new) machine has dual GPUs and is borderline server in specs.

I was curious if anyone has done something like this. At first thought I was going to get a KVM switch to drive the single monitor on multiple computers but there is the issue of not having a 3rd port on the video cards to make this work smoothly.

One option I am now considering is a I can get this and a 4 port USB switch to enable this option, or get a KVM with some video card splitters. Any other suggestions?

PS: My adviser is thinking between these two monitors, any recommendations on these is appreciated:
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  1. Any ideas? TL;DR?

    I basically want to know of an easy way to have a few computers each with dual monitors setup to be able to access a 3rd monitor/projector at times where we would like to show some results to multiple people in the same room.
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