Multiple Monitors, Multiple mice?


I have installed a second monitor yesterday, and that is all working perfectly... :D

But, when i am playing a game, for example Call of Duty IV, on one monitor, and for example Winamp on the other,
and when I want to change a song, my mouse is trapped in the game....
The only thing i've found is to use ALT + Tab, but then the game minimizes and i have to reconnect to the server.

Is there a way to get my mouse out of the game, without minimizing it?

I've tried using a second mouse, but then they both control the same pointer...
Is it possible to use two mice with two pointers, so that only one is "trapped" in the game, and the other is free to browse on the other screen?
I've searched around a bit, but couldn't find an answer to that....

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  1. Hi chewbacca, I know exactly the thing you need! Although it may take a little getting used to, the program GlovePIE will work for you. It is more well-known among people who want to hook wiimotes and other gaming peripherals to their PCs, but it works for your purpose too. It comes with a script called "MouseParty", inside the "Mouse Scripts" folder. Use that with more than 1 mouse.

    You can find GlovePIE at
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