ASUS lcd monitor but what one? Any recommended?

I'm settled on buying an ASUS brand monitor and probably from

Would anyone care to recommend the best one for gaming in the ASUS line? I hame going cross eyed reading and reading specs etc. trying to get schooled on the technology to make a smart purchase.

I'm not considering any other brand than ASUS. I won't even chat about getting another brand. It is somewhat brand loyalty but I like the idea of having the ASUS monitor since all my other parts are ASUS. They make a fine monitor so it was easy.

Price is not an object BUT I want to save cash like anyone so I'm looking for the best price-point and skipping bells n' whistles not worth getting. I'd love to make it an LED but I think they make just one. ASUS MS238H is that got gaming?

I'll do some more digging on my own while I hope someone responds.

Thank you
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  1. Here is my very extensive review of the Asus VK246H / VW246H:

    Basically, good monitor for the average person with very little input lag. Input lag is basically the amount of time it takes for the monitor to display your keyboard / mouse reactions on screen.

    LED is just used for backlighting. It uses a little less electricity than conventional florescent (CCFL) backlighting. Nothing really special other than the higher price.

    Go here to learn about LCD monitor tech:
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