PS3 HDMI on ViewSonic 724?

Can I temporaly plug in a PS3 HDMI into my ViewSonic 724 PC monitor until I get a HDTV? It uses DVI and is flat but I dont get it if my monitor is a TFT or LCD. Have googled it and visited ViewSonics website but not found any good review, som writes TFT, other LCD. Confused :o Please help!!!
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  1. Nobody?
  2. Have at least found out that the cable ones connecting into the computer and TFT (PC monitor) is DVI and not is a HDMI. Though, does it exist a cable with DVI in one end and HDMI in the other (PC/TFT and PS3/HDMI)? Also found out that all TFT PC monitor is both TFT and LCD, often named TFT-LCD. Have anyone seen such a cable I described?
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