Spec me System Please - Gaming [£330 / $600]


Please could you spec me a gaming PC (Call of Duty 1 / 2 ) and other games.

I need a base unit, If you cant fit in Floppy Drive, DVD-ROM Drive it doesnt matter. I also have Windows XP PRO so that is not needed.

Dont mind getting 512MB of RAM, as I can upgrade it in 2 months later.

I need:

CPU: 939 Socket
Hard Drive: 80GB
Power Supplies:

Budget of £330 / $600, Im from UK :D

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  1. Case - Thermaltake Swing
    (I got the model with a window, great case, also comes in silver)

    CPU - Athlon 64 3200+
    ($6 cheaper than 3000+)

    Mobo - ECS KN1 SLI Lite
    (Supports X2 and SLI for upgrade)

    RAM - Crucial 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM
    (good RAM)

    HD - HITACHI Deskstar 7K80
    (I used it in my system, aculy 83 GB, extra 3 for free, makes some noise)

    PSU - KINGWIN ABT-520MM 520W
    (Nice, SLI certifyed 520W)

    DVD-ROM - SONY Black IDE DVD-ROM Drive Model DDU1615/B2s
    (great buy for 22 USD, no need for floppy, they dead.)

    Graphics - ASUS Geforce 6600 EN6600/TD/256
    (fair card, with SLI for later)

    All together with newegg's price it comes to 596.50 USD, save up for shiping a handling, search other stores also, find cheaper deals.
  2. With such a limited budget, you will need to cut a corner or two, but can stil get acceptable/layable performance on the latest titles at decent resolutions, although without AA/AF...

    MB: Find any name brand non SLI NF4 board (MSI K8N Neo-4 is nice budget board) for about $90 US

    cpu: A64/3500+ ($220 US) (a 3200+ would be acceptable, and a 3700/3800+ even better!)

    video card: 6800GS ($209 US)

    RAM: if budgeting get a single 1 gb stick now (lack of dual channel is not a crippling event), and add a 2nd stick later....go with OCZ or Corsair PC3200 Value, less than $100 a stick...

    This does not account for UK VAT, of course, but, shop around and enjoy!
  3. Hey, Thanks for your replys.

    I can raise the budget to to £400 / $710

    Hopefully you can come up with a better spec computer :)

  4. Quote:
    Hey, Thanks for your replys.

    I can raise the budget to to £400 / $710

    Hopefully you can come up with a better spec computer :)

    There is absolutely no point in asking US members to post results from NewEgg for a dollar-equivalent sum.

    Sorry, had to be said. We have VAT, which is payable as import duty even if you do source parts from America. You will pay more than can be quoted from overseas.

    Work out what it is you want, and source it from ebuyer, savastore, scan, aria, dabs, et cetera.
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