Acer p191w not working on my new computer

Hey guys. I just got my gaming computer in the mail from Colorado (my step dad had it built for me as a graduation gift, a good friend of his built it). I'm a bit concerned if my monitor is causing all of these issues, or not, because once I had everything hooked up the monitor wasn't getting a signal from my computer. Everything turned on, and my graphics card was on for sure. I noticed that there was a crack in the plastic on my antec 900 case, so there might have been a bit of damage done (everything looked fine when I opened up the case).

I honestly have no idea what's going on, considering that my old computer works with my monitor (XP 32bit system, old piece of junk, AGP slot), yet my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit system wont work with it. Could it be the monitor? Or might have there been some damage done during the shipping? It worked just fine when I used it in Colorado. If you're wondering, here are the specs:

AMD Phenom II x4 940 OCed to 3.4ghz
Asus 260gtx (192 core, not the 216)
4gb of OCZ DDR2 800 RAM
Asus Crosshair II motherboard
800w antec powersupply
2 Velociraptor HDD's (150 gb each)
And there's an HDMI card (or something) in there too
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  1. Hm, well it appears my graphics card is dead. I'm pretty sure I put this in the wrong section anyhow hahaha.
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