Acer X233 HB 23"

I need some advice on this monitor. Pretty much, this monitor is selling cheap at $239 AUD and it is a 23". If I were to buy other brands at the same size, it would cost me $300 easily.

So I can be saving heaps of money here. But I'd like some reviews or feedback on this monitor. I know acer isn't the best brand, but I think it may be worth the price. It is hard myself to find good reviews since google only brings me up those shopping sites.
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  1. i just bought this as its the cheapest 23" 1920x1080 here in my country. I thought all X233 have HDMI. I discovered mine did not. but it's okay. so far i'm satisfied...coming from a 19" 1440x900 user :)
  2. I recently bought one (because of the price, size and high resolution) it also has no HDMI. It has been great so far.
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