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lo folks! need some help. shopping for monitors is getting confusing & frustrating i must say. for every one i check that looks good there are both good/bad reviews of it and eventually the threads, wherever they may be, turn ugly with arguments & insults *sigh*. after extensive research i think i've narrowed down my list to 3. i'll be running twin ati 5850's in xfire & although mostly for gaming, i also do a lot of surfing & watch the occasional demo or vid from game sites. here are my 3 24" choices ;

Samsung 2494W & asus vw246H. honorable mention to Samsung ToC t240hd can't decide. i'm restricted by cost as my new puter broke the bank so i'm stuck at around 300-350 canadian so those expensive ips(?) or w/e panels are out. if anyone knows these and can give me good reasons not to get either one but have better ideas, i'll listen. hope to get some ideas, thnx folks.
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  1. The following is my review of the VK246H which is the same as the VW246H, but with a built-in webcam:

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