Purchased an Open Box Monitor from Newegg

In searching on what to expect from an open box monitor, I could not find much. I only heard don't do it, or do it. I couldn't find many people that have bought an open box monitor. That is why I decided to make this thread.

I purchased the ASUS VH236HL-P for $168.21.

A steal compared to the original price. It comes with a 30 day Refund Only Policy. I am not quite sure if it includes the card for 3 year Asus Warranty.

Though I am excited that I got such a good deal, I am nervous in what to expect. I would love to hear horror/love stories when purchasing open box items on Newegg. I have horror stories from Open Box items at Fry's. Both a motherboard and a DVD surround sound system. I have had to RMA (to the manufacturer) a processor I bought from Newegg. I have been satisfied in all my purchases from Newegg.

I ordered it on 12/29 and it should be here soon. I plan on documenting the purchase to provide help for others thinking of purchasing open box monitors or other peripherals.

Feedback would be appreciated!
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  1. I am contemplating an open box monitor at newegg....but probably won't jump on it. When it comes to electronics, i dont like other people using it first, plus I am unsure on the warranty / dead pixel policy.
  2. I received my monitor this afternoon. It came with all parts and accessories. I even got the Asus warranty card. There are no dead pixels. I don't even think this monitor was ever opened. I recommend buying open box when you can afford the risk.
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