Which is best for gaming?

Hey I was looking for a new monitor for gaming. I want a minimum of 24" and 1920x1200. I'm looking to spend $200-300. I found these three options. Which are best for gaming?

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  1. My two options are the ASUS and the SAMSUNG, i prefer samsung for quality, but the response time of the ASUS is 3s less that th 5s.

    The samsung have more aspect ratio, 2000, and the asus have 1000. I choose the samsung.
  2. The Samsung has the 2048 x 1152. Is that good for gaming?
  3. Is really good for gaming, another point for the samsung. BUT remember have a really good GPU (HD 5750 / 5770 /GTX295 / GTX285)
  4. I'm planning on getting a 5850, but I didn't realize this resolution would work for gaming. I had only heard of 1920x1200. Anyway, I just found out that Newegg's return policy requires 8 dead pixels for a return, so I won't be buying from them.
  5. In this case, buy the ASUS, but I keep my vote for the samsung
  6. Dougx1317 said:
    The Samsung has the 2048 x 1152. Is that good for gaming?

    I suppose if your video card is powerful enough to push that resolution.

    Higher resolution doesn't always mean better since it does not mean higher quality.
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