Hey, looking at a Samsung SyncMastet T240R (New Zealand - http://www.pp.co.nz/products.php?pp_id=AA10819) but I am confused on what I should really look for in terms of HDCP. Here is some basic background information -

Use -

HDMI cable prefered instead of DVI-D cable (if this helps)

PS3 - Full HD (Video Games, Movies)
PC - Gaming/Movies

Now what i dont understand is should I get a monitor with -

1. DVI/HDCP (Monitor mentioned above only states this information)

Will I be better to get another monitor that states HDMI/HDCP support (specifically) or is DVI/HDCP fine/the same as HDMI/HDCP?

Please help and TIA
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  1. wondering the same thing. a little research seems to yeild that they are simialr, but hdmi the future and it is video and audio. for a monitor, i guess it wouldn't matter. i don't plan on using much audio on my monitor.

    heres a thread that has some info in it on this, though it is tv angled.
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