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Hi, I have a Gateway fpt-750 lcd monitor. It is quite weird. It does work...... It's just that if I keep the power options on, when it goes to save power and hibernate it shuts off completely. I couldn't believe it, so naturally I changed the settings. It worked fine for some time, it was on for a good month. Suddenly the power in my apartment went out and when I came back from fixing that problem, as I predicted, the monitor would not turn on. It would not work for a month. Here's the kicker....It turned on all by itself, no ***, one month to the day. My point is that if it is on for an hour and gets cut off, it will be fine in an hour. If it's on for 6 months and gets cut off, it will be fine in 6 months. None of it makes sense to me. It is quite the enigma. If anyone out there can help me, it really would save the day. I could buy a new one but I figure if I could fix it, why not ?
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  1. easy solution:
    turn your monitor off every day :p
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