How reliable are Samsung's 24" LCD monitors?

I have two Samsung monitors right now: A 19" 940B, and a 22" 225BW. The 19" has never given me a moment of trouble. The 22", on the other hand, has been terrible. This is my fourth one, after two with bad inverters and one replacement that was bad right out of the box. The inverter just went out on this one again, and they offered me a full refund.

So my attitude toward Samsung is mixed. On the one hand, that 22" was crap through and through, and part of me wants nothing to do with Samsung ever again.

On the other hand, this 19" is still kicking, and I already know their customer service is good. Every company has a lemon or two, and I'm hoping the problems with the 225BW aren't typical for the company.

Has anyone had a lot of experience with Samsung's monitors, particularly their 24" models? I have my eye on the 2494SW and the 2433BW. If I can get a 24" that's as reliable as this 19", I'll be happy.

And if I don't get another Samsung, who else makes a good reliable 24" LCD for around $300?
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  1. The first lcd i bought was the samsung syncmaster 2232bw. Right out of the box it had lots of pixels stuck on white. I returned this and got another one that had about the same amount of white pixels except in different locations lol. It turns out that these white dots fade away after a few months... sorry samsung
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