Dell 170s > samsung 216bw? no way.

Well, my samsung 216bw monitor recently started acting up on it's control panel, and well I have to send it in for repair. [Samsung has great customer service btw].

Anyway, my dad brought me a temporary 17" Dell 170s until my Samsung comes back from the repair center, I'm a college student, I need my computer. What I noticed is that everything is smoother... it's brighter, easier on the eyes, left 4 dead was running amazing :o . Why does it look better? Any monitor gurus out there with any ideas?

Samsung 216BW - 1680x1050 on DVI

Dell 170s - 1280x1024 on VGA... DVI on hd 4850 converted to VGA
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  1. :o in theory the 216BW should look better but their both fairly low end monitors anyway. maybe you haven't set the colours n stuff properly?
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