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I have a Dell GX620 workstation here with Intel 82945G Express Family Chipset. The screen I have has a port for another monitor so I hooked up my old Dell screen(i.e. E173FPf) and booted up the PC. Now throughout when the PC is working my second display shows a Self Test Feature Check and when I go to the Display Properties (Settings Tab) it shows my second display as disabled and when I enable it and choose the" Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" option and click apply we come to square 1 where it is disabled. I even try making it my primary deisplay but nothing to it. In the Device Manager, there are 3 Plug and Play Monitors, 2 display adapters and 2 processors. Pleas help!
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  1. non-expert diagnostics:
    sounds like an operating system glitch to me. these things are best worked out by yourself or someone who has live access to the computer. If you feel like mucking around try downloading another OS like windows 7 from a torrent site and see if that helps ;)
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