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Hi people,

Can anyone sujest which 23-24 inch monitor (1920 x 1080) is the best for watching movies at home (or at least sujest several models to choose from). No need for gaming or very precise photoshop working. Only web and movies. So I need true blacks, massive contrast ratios and good colours (if it is possible to say so about TN).

Because I’ll be buying this monitor in Russia it is hard to give you approximate price but lets say I’m looking for something under 400 USD (300 euro).

I Need:
23'-24' inch

Not need:
in-monitor speakers

Thank you for your sujestions!
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  1. Just one of monitors I've chosen from a wide list of them - 23" Samsung P2350G. What can you say about it?
  2. How come you don't need HDMI connection if among your requirements you ask for 1920X1080 Resolution which is Full HD resolution.

    And as for the screen, it's a nice screen, every screen from a well known manufacturer should be good nowadays.
  3. Asus VW246H or VK246H.

    See my review of the VK model:
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