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Hey guys. I'm planning on buying a new display for my PC soon, but I do not know anything about the specs for displays. What would you recommend if I wanted an HD display--an HDTV, or a computer monitor with a cable jack (for TV viewing)? And what do I need to look for when I am buying it, specification-wise? I am an avid gamer with Windows Vista, and I run on an EVGA 8800GT; I know it has DVI-out, and I think it has HDMI adapters or ports (I haven't checked recently, but I know I have a set of HDMI cables that came with it). I am hoping to buy it on Black Friday, because I am on a budget, but, again, I have no idea what to look for tech-wise (ie refresh rate, resolution, contrast ratio), and I don't know whether the TV or LCD monitor is the better option. Thanks!
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  1. I just bought a vizio SV420M.


    Smoothmotion 120 Hz when it works appropriately


    Refresh Rate 60 Hz
    Response time 5 ms+
    Larger Pixels [only bad for highly detailed images]

    Those cons are all worse then my 3 year old viewsonic 19" vx922. It looks small in comparison, but it sure does perform well. I might be looking to sell my sv420m and vx922 if i could find BETTER PERFORMING screens that are LARGER for a good price.

    btw that vizio was like 900 i am highly considering returning it
  2. if you dont want to spend much, get a lcd.


    42" vizio hdtv is nice but lesser quality performance than 3 year old 19" viewsonic LCD
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