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I currently have a viewsonic vx2835wm 28 inch monitor, but it recently stopped turning on and the "refurbished" monitor viewsonic replaced it with has some annoying backlight bleed and a blue stuck pixel, so i'm thinking of buying something new.

I would use it for gaming and would like a monitor that would give good quality for that, but would also watch movies and video on it from a fair distance away, so would want something large (maybe 27 inches and above).

I would be up for spending around £400, but am struggling to find anything recommended in that price range....

The dell ultrasharps and samsung 275T are too expensive, and I looked at the HannsG 28 inch monitor which seems to be pretty much the viewsonic I have but with worse reviews from most places (in terms of quality).

I've found a couple that may fit the bill, but with very little said about them (LG M2794D 27inch, LG W2753V-PF 27inch,
Acer B273HU 27-inch, HP 2709m 27).

Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

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  1. my mistake, the dell 27 inch ultrasharp is listed as £750 on their site, but under £500 elsewhere....i'll probably get that unless anyone has a better suggestion?
  2. hi
    funny that you mentioned this cause i have the same needs as you.
    Im currently having the UK version of the 28 inch hannsspree but its
    damn sjitty for pc. what i probably would buy is the LG W2753V-PF
    but i havent found any recomendations yet.
    Cmon anyone?
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