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I am on the market for a new LCD monitor, but can't stand backlight bleed and so was just wondering if anyone could recommend a monitor or even a manufacturer? I understand all LCD will have it to an extent, but with my last couple of monitors its been really noticeable when gaming or watching movies. I'm hoping its possible to get monitors that you would have to specifically look for the bleed to see it, rather than be annoyed by it every now and then when gaming or suchlike.

Any recommendations would be good as I could be flexible with the budget and save up a bit more, but preferably a maximum around £600, and preferably 26 inches and above.

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  1. I have the NEC LCD2690WUXi and Planar PX2611w. Both show very little backlight bleed with a black screen in a dark room, and definitely not noticeable in gaming.

    However, you must realize that there are some variations in the manufacturing and assembly process so there would be some 2690WUXi and PX2611w monitors that can have more or less backlight bleeding than my monitors.

    The 2690WUXi has 32ms of input lag because of the extra electronics used to improve image and color quality. It is after all a monitor more geared towards professional graphics usage.

    The Planar PX2611w uses the same H-IPS panel as the 2690WUXi, but has lass than 8ms of input lag.
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