Is It Ok to Buy Open Box Monitors from Newegg?

I'm looking at this one:

For $50 off I could care less about a few dead/stuck pixels, as long as they aren't in the dead center of the monitor where my targeting reticle in a FPS game would be. I have a scratch (my fault) that blocks about 25-35 pixels on the left side of the screen, and I don't even notice it while playing games. I do notice it a little bit while browsing the web or coding, but it doesn't interfere with my work so I don't care. I'm mostly just concerned about major problems: discoloration, abnormal ghosting, defective backlight, dying after 2 months, etc, which I assume Newegg wouldn't knowingly ship out. Is an open box monitor just a higher risk of a few dead pixels, or am I risking major defects?

Also, is the monitor stand considered part of the monitor or an accessory? I don't need any cables, but I'd need the stand. Having to buy a separate stand would probably negate most of the difference in price between the retail version.
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  1. It's anyone's guess with an open box item. It could simply be a return that someone didn't want. If there was something seriously wrong with it, Newegg wouldn't put it back up for sale. The stand should come with the monitor.
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