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Hi all,

I'm going to assemble a pc for the first time, and I've almost got my full configuration settled. Now, I have come to a point where I want to think about what input-/output-parts I'm going to get, and one of the main things for that is of course the monitor.

I've been looking around, and have found the Iiyama E2607WS-B1, which seemed rather nice, but that might be because of me being biased because of my good experience with my 17" Iiyama ProLite E431S.

I'm not really sure what monitor I should pick, so I'm asking for your advice, given the following specifications:
- Budget: Around 300 EUR (around 450 USD)
- Uses: Gaming (shooters, MMORPGs, many different genres); Some video-editing; Photo-editing applications like photoshop; Office-work.
- Size: 24"-26"
- Other specifications: Starting out, I want to have 2 monitors: my 17" Iiyama ProLite E431S and my new monitor. However, I'm thinking about setting up a better multi-monitor setup with all the same monitors. The monitor should thus be suited for that aswell.

I hope you can give me good advice, I've also looked at the monitor guide linked to in the "System building guide" topic, but that didn't help me a lot in really picking a monitor.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Well you won't get true high-end with a 450 usd budget, however you can get a very decent monitor. (high end monitors usually start at $600+, and usually used for Image/video editing that require extreme color precision requirements)

    For $450 budget, and with your requirements:
    Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP, Dell has it for $449, and it is well worth it. It does give you a high end feel/look, for well under the price of a traditional professional display.
    * Comes with USB 2.0 ports, 9 in 2 card reader.
    * Tilt , Height , Swivel , Pivot (rotation) stand (yes you can set it horizontally or vertically!)
    * 1300:1 contrast (compared to the standard 1,000:1 or 800:1)
    * Extremely good image quality
    * 110% color gamut (professional displays come with 110%-135% gamut color depending how many hundreds or thousands of dollars you shell out) (regular displays use 72% gamut color)
    * HDCP DVI-D playaback
    * Even comes with the renowned Display port.

    Also Dell does have a no-dead-pixel policy, meaning if you have even just 1 dead pixel they will accept the display back and give you a new one. Most other manufacturers of displays do a 10-15 dead pixel before return policy.
  2. Thanks for your information! I was checking the 2408WFP out and it seemed really nice indeed. However, I don't seem to be able to order it from the US, instead of the order button it gives a "Customize" button. I live in the NL, maybe that has to do something with it.
  3. Wow I suck... Just had to click through customizing. Strangely enough there was no customizing on the NL site of Dell. Weird.
  4. Meh, just noticed no shipping to NL...
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